Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Speakeasy Follow-up

Well the Speakeasy recipe beer is bottled and ready to drink. I had real worries about this batch, being my 1st 5 gal boil. I made several errors and I was sure that the entire batch was ruined. For one, I dropped the airlock into the secondary fermentation tank, 2 times! Also I had to rack to a secondary because too much of the trub was siphoned into the fermentation carboy. I tasted as I went along to see if there were any signs of contamination. But not being sure what the caramunich steeping grain flavor was supposed to be, it was kind of sweet caramelly taste where I was expecting a more hoppy flavor, I carried on and went ahead and bottled it.

2 weeks later, the beer seemed to have survived my mistreatment and turned out be be quite a drinkable brew, at least my friends seemed to think so. Because of the slight caramel sweetness, it was a hit with the ladies. Anyway I have over a case of 12 oz bottles of the stuff so at least I'm glad I don't have to get rid of the stuff.


  1. What's the alcohol content in this batch?

  2. not sure because I haven't done all the calculations yet but it should be in the 5-6% range. I haven't tried any real heavy gravity (leads to higher alcohol) beers yet. I won't brew another batch until late sept of early oct because right now it is too hot.

  3. "Because of the slight caramel sweetness, it was a hit with the ladies."
    Well, there you go! Total success!